A Book a Week

Last year I was still fresh into motherhood, struggling to find time for myself. I set a goal to read six books over the course of 2019. This year I am parenting a toddler who loves reading more than anything else. We got a library card and suddenly I was swept up in stacks of books. Without meaning to I was finishing a book each week and thought it might be worth sharing the list as well as some of my thoughts about them. I started by posting them on Instagram and the feedback was fantastic. Most agreed with my reviews, others felt differently, and many had recommendations of their own (which I greatly appreciated).

So here is the same list and I’ll add to it as I go. Maybe you’ll find something that interests you, and I’d love to hear what you’re reading too!

In addition to these was the Harry Potter series which was beautifully nostalgic. A top 5 from year post will be coming soon!

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