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Things I Love: Wiwiurka Toys

There are two things I get asked most about on Instagram: how I do my messy bun and my thoughts on our Wiwiurka toys. Maybe someday I’ll do a bun tutorial but for now thought I would answer some frequently asked questions about Wiwiurka. What structure did you buy first?We started with the rocker before […]


A Book a Week

Last year I was still fresh into motherhood, struggling to find time for myself. I set a goal to read six books over the course of 2019. This year I am parenting a toddler who loves reading more than anything else. We got a library card and suddenly I was swept up in stacks of […]


The Minimalist Challenge

Instead of setting goals at the beginning of the year I decided to allocate a focus to each month. Knowing that a larger list of resolutions can be overwhelming I decided to spread them out and tackle one thing at a time. In January I focussed on better integrating healthy food habits and fitness into […]