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10 Toys My Toddler Actually Plays With

As much as I am in pursuit of minimalist living and simplifying my home, my toddler doesn’t care. Both his body and brain are busy and no amount of neutral wooden blocks are going to occupy him all day. I started paying attention to toddler toys that get some use every day and put together […]


Things I Love: Wiwiurka Part 2

Earlier this year I shared a post about our Wiwiurka toys. At the time we had the small rocker / balance board and the ladder / slide. Now we are so very excited to be adding the foldable climbing triangle into the mix! As I have mentioned before, we have chosen to gradually add pieces […]


Things I Love: Wiwiurka Toys

There are two things I get asked most about on Instagram: how I do my messy bun and my thoughts on our Wiwiurka toys. Maybe someday I’ll do a bun tutorial but for now thought I would answer some frequently asked questions about Wiwiurka. What structure did you buy first?We started with the rocker before […]