Things I Love: Chatbooks

Within days of welcoming our son into the world I already had a few hundred new photos on my phone. I should have made it a habit right then of deleting images each night (like my husband does) but instead they collected into the thousands. And by thousands I mean over ten thousand photos by the time he turned one.

I discovered the magic of Chatbooks about halfway through our first year of parenting. (My advice to you: if you’re currently pregnant or have just welcomed your baby into the world, start the process right now.) Chatbooks makes it so easy to print photo books from your phone. We opted for the 60 page Instagram book which connects our private Instagram account to the app. Simply put, when 60 new photos are uploaded to the account a new book is printed and shipped to us! This is what the process looks like:

  1. Create an Instagram account where you can upload the photos you want to be printed. Each image is a separate page. We’ve chosen for the account to be private so that grandparents can also see all of the photos we might not otherwise upload to our personal accounts.
  2. Go through the photos on your photo and favorite the ones you want to upload. It makes things much easer to find when you start to add them to the account.
  3. Before printing your first book go into the settings on your Chatbooks account to ensure you are happy with the book layout. You can opt for full page images, a white border or even captions. We chose full page images with no captions.
  4. Once you have uploaded 60 images you will receive a notification that your book is ready to print. At this point (or before) you can choose a cover photo.
  5. The book prints and ships directly to your door!

Initially I was unsure about the cost but quickly realized how worthwhile it would be. If you still need convincing, here are some reasons why we love our Chatbooks.

The Cost – For under $20 Canadian dollars (including shipping) you receive a book complete with 60 images. If you spend $0.20 on an average individual print before shipping ($0.60 per square print from Artifact Uprising), the pricing is definitely comparable.

The Quality – I was pleasantly surprised by both the paper and image quality. The paper is durable enough to hold up to a toddler, and the images are impressively clear considering they were taken on an older iPhone.

The Customer Service – The team at Chatbooks understands that children play and so offer free replacements for damaged or well-loved books. They are quick to answer questions and value the client experience.

The Magic – Our son was about 8 months when we received our first Chatbooks. He loved them then and loves them now. It is so special for him to see the faces of friends and family who live far away. He recognizes the blue box when it arrives in the mail and constantly points to the shelf where they are kept.

We are photographers and so do have higher resolution images from our cameras that we print elsewhere. But without Chatbooks I don’t think we would have ever gotten any iPhone photos in a tangible form. They are truly such a gift!

If you have ever been on the fence about trying them out, the code LEWISTHEODEN-AKW2 to get you $10 off your first book!

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