Things I Love: Little Winks Sleep

Sleep consulting wasn’t even on my radar while pregnant. I was more concerned about filling my freezer with meals for the early postpartum days. It took roughly two weeks before I began spending night feeds googling ‘how to get my baby to sleep longer than three hours’ or ‘when will my baby sleep through the night’. By the time four weeks rolled around and I started working again naps were almost always in the wrap or on my chest. At eight weeks naps were 20-40 minutes long. After reheating my coffee, having bite to eat and going to the bathroom I would have about 10 minutes to answer emails.

I dowloaded sleep schedules, followed the EASY (eat, awake, sleep, you time) pattern, listened to all of the advice I was given and nothing changed. It didn’t help that our little guy didn’t take a soother (we tried them all) and he would fight the swaddle.

At about 2.5 months I came across Little Winks Sleep on Instagram. Anna, the owner and certified sleep coach, had married a childhood friend of mine and so I thought I would check out her business. I was skeptical of the price but thought there would be no harm in a free 15 minute consult. The rest is history.

I could honestly go on and on about how Little Winks has changed our family life and so have put together a little list of reasons we love them.

1. We got our evenings back. I remember the first night we started implementing Anna’s sleep plan for us. Within 15 minutes our sweet boy had self settled and fallen asleep. My husband and I looked at each other in disbelief. We hadn’t spent an evening alone in months. With the exception of the occasional off-day, we are so grateful to have a guaranteed few hours child free every evening.

2. Travel isn’t daunting. Whether it be overseas travel that flips day and night or simply a one hour change, we feel so equipped and he adjusts to new sleep schedules and places like a champ.

3. Sleep regressions have been quite short. Three days into our time with Anna our little guy learned to roll and kickstarted his 3-4 month sleep regression. We were nervous. Google said it could last 6 weeks. But the skills learned in the days leading up to it were such a gift. That regression lasted 10 days and even the 18 month one (in my opinion the worst one) lasted just a couple of weeks.

4. Easy bedtimes. From beginning to end bedtime takes 15 minutes and doesn’t involve any rocking or shushing. It’s never daunting and he knows exactly what to expect.

5. Predictable naps. Working from home became possible with consistent alone time. Early on there were three, then two, and now one (transitions that Little Winks helped us navigate). Obviously each day is a little different but there are always a guaranteed couple of hours to focus on work.

6. Straightforward childcare. During the wedding season childcare looks like long days and evenings. The fact that we know naps will happen and bedtime won’t be a struggle gives us peace of mind when we’re working.

7. We have a happy kid. He doesn’t always sleep until 7AM or nap his full two hours, but generally speaking he is rested and an absolute joy to be around.

We have been so grateful to Anna and her growing team for the ways they have supported our family. In our experience working with Little Winks has been worth every penny and more.

A few things to note:
this isn’t up everyone’s alley
not every baby will need help
although sleeping through the night was the result of our time with Little Winks, some babies do still need night feeds and that is more than okay

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