Things I Love: Wiwiurka Part 2

Earlier this year I shared a post about our Wiwiurka toys. At the time we had the small rocker / balance board and the ladder / slide. Now we are so very excited to be adding the foldable climbing triangle into the mix!

As I have mentioned before, we have chosen to gradually add pieces to our collection based on our son’s motor skills. So far he has been fairly tentative about climbing and so the ladder propped against the rocker was the perfect progression at a year old. But now at almost 22 months he’s starting to tell us that he’s going to “Climb! Climb!” (often to distract us from nap or bedtime as toddlers do) and so having the triangle has been perfect timing.

A few things we love about the foldable climbing triangle from Wiwiurka:

  1. It’s foldable! Our living space is fairly small and so we’ve been quite particular about what we fill it with. Most times we leave everything set up because it’s used every day. However, if we do have people coming over the rocker gets pushed to the side (or functions as a foot rest), the slide goes under the couch and the triangle folds up in the corner.
  2. The Wiwiurka toys that we have compliment the decor in our space. Our home is painted entirely white with black and wood accents. The natural wood matches the IKEA activity table and stools that we have, as well as our flooring. We have absolutely no problem with bright coloured toys, but because our home is small we appreciate having neutral structural pieces.
  3. Within a day of testing out the climbing triangle our son gained so much confidence in navigating other things. He’s a fairly cautious little boy and so would climb up one step, come back down, climb up two, etc. He did the same until he got to the top, declaring, “Brave!” and giving us high fives when he made it back down. He’s figuring out his body and it’s the coolest thing to watch.
  4. His imagination is running wild. Having three structures to create with has expanded the possibilities of fun. And not only is it fun for littles, our nieces and nephews (ages 3-8) engage with the structures in their own way. Watching them gives me peace of mind knowing that the dollar value is absolutely worth it for years of fun!

I have made it my personal philosophy to only recommend things that I can truthfully speak to and we honestly can’t recommend Wiwiurka toys enough!

To see more photos of the toys in action, check out my Instagram @sancianicole.

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